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The Control Dance group is the most active and known dance group of the Partium region, it has been part of Bihor County’s community for eleven years.

Sacueni is ‚Äúthe middle of the world‚ÄĚ. It is a small city near the Hungarian border, somewhere between Oradea and Satu-Mare. Here is where we go from to our shows and here is where we always come home.

This group dances on the stages of Transylvania, Hungary and Slovakia on village and city day celebrations, festivals, theatre outings. Our main profile is show-dance and the modern and latin dances laced with elements of show-dance. The single and pair dances are both hallmarked with a claimant way of creation and execution.

There is passion and frigidity, tenseness and lethargy, burning fire and cold look. And yes, there is some exhibitionism, extreme self-realization…, the girls sometimes get an independent meaning and their solo shows are juicy, presumptuous and sensual emphasizing effeminacy and eroticism. The spectacular attire has its role showing the style of the performed dance and the imagination of the creator, the discrete and creative choreography, interesting adjustment.

- movements control **

- braincontrol **

- body control **

** without rules.

The members of the group are experienced scenic adult people coming from different towns of Bihor county. Their common element are the movements, the stage and the ability to amuse. Human and dance, body and movement, feeling and technique interweave in our shows.

What keeps us alive (invigorates us): stage, crowd, eroticism

We undertake:

Dance show

Extreme fashion show

Background dance

Teaching children to dance on outings

Teaching (dance classes, fiancé dance for engagements, dances for prom)

We already danced on: city celebrations, media tours, theatric programs, school celebrations, making a clip, private parties

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László, Erdei; manager


0040-744352316; info@controldance.ro

Edina, Zlagnean; leader of artistic design

psychologist, choreographer

0040-745758492; edina@controldance.ro