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We offer shows for even serious outings and amusing ones depending on the claim.


On our repretoar in 2010

Show dance- Thematic dance show for 50 min

It consists of Modern dance, latin dance (samba, salsa, cha-cha-cha, jive) and standard dance (waltz, tango). The attire shows delusion, flare, allurement, experience…

Extreme fashion-show- After 10 o’clock pm. A collection of street style, bathing suit and underwear in a 40 minutes show including a 3*5 minutes dance show. Flaring bodies, sexy and erotic movements and a creative professional dance show. You’d know if you have met … this way you’re afraid to even dream about it.

Theatric dance- we can create musicals, abstract scenes and choreographies, to build bizarre and grotesque figures. We recomment our shows for festivals, theatric outings, and national celebrations. 

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László, Erdei; manager


0040-744352316; info@controldance.ro

Edina, Zlagnean; leader of artistic design

psychologist, choreographer

0040-745758492; edina@controldance.ro